High On Love Massage Candle


Turn up the heat and set the mood for a sensual massage with this luxurious, soy-based candle blended with nourishing cannabis seed oil and coconut oil. The alluring scent of rosebud will seduce your senses, while the sensation of warm oils against your skin encourages relaxation, loving exploration, and romance.
Made in small batches with premium, natural ingredients to guarantee the highest quality.

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– Directions: Light the massage candle and wait about 10 minutes for the oil to form. Blow out the flame. Pour the (non-burning) oil onto the desired area and gently massage your partner’s body to moisturize the skin.

– 8.45 fl. oz.

* Place on a heat resistant surface. Keep the wick short, cut it if necessary. Turn off the flame before pouring. Do not leave without supervision. Keep out of the reach of children.