Luna Bubblegum Anal Jollet


Luna is the perfect silicone toy for anyone who is interested in anal play. It was designed specifically to resist the expulsive power of the rectal muscles during orgasm. This is accomplished by the unorthodox asymmetrical design of the toy. Rectal muscles have evolved to clamp down symmetrically and produce copious amounts of pressure doing so. The insertable portion of the toy is very comfortable while providing a full inner feeling.

Luna is handmade with medical grade silicone that are specifically designed and produced for human skin contact.

* Dimensions: Overall Length: 6.5” / Insertable Length: 5.5”.

– Circumference: 4.75” at widest point, 3” at narrowest point / Diameter: 2.75 x 1.75 inch base, .75” at narrowest point, 1.5” at widest point.