Pink Bubble Beads by Jollet


The newly remastered Bubbles in a hot pink color with tons of pink glitter. A beauty for any collection.

These Bubbles puts a twist on a classic beaded probe. With cheeky exaggerated bulges, hygienic platinum silicone and a firm curve ideal for hitting all your most sensitive spots. Bendable and soft. These Bubbles are completely hypoallergenic, nonporous, and phthalate free, making for a safe and healthy way to play every time you or anywhere you use it. This dildo begins with a smaller ball for the head, and tapers into larger balls as one progressively enters to make entry easy and comfortable.

The new wide flared base allows them to stand up. The curved design is perfect for g-spot and prostate stimulation. And now its has an awesome suction cup for more fun.
Made from 100% medical-grade silicone, these smooth and soft bubbles are extremely satisfying.

* Dimensions: 7″ long, with five beads that subtly increase in girth as you go down the shaft. The topmost ball is 1.25″ diameter, the second 1.38″, the next 1.5″, 1.5″, and lastly, back down to 1.38″.