Sweet Spot Deodorizing Wipes


The wipeless wipe!

This naturally-derived serum eliminates impurities, irritants and odor causing bacteria without stripping moisture. Gentle, non-irritating actives balance the delicate microbiome of your sweet, intimate spots while keeping wipes out of landfills & sewers – the sustainable way to cleanse and deodorize on-the-go!

Say goodbye to dried-out wipes, and hello to environmentally kind, wipeless wipes that cleans and conditions.

A Clean S-Wipe supports a healthy environment for good bacteria and helps keep funky fungi and bacteria in check. Clean, condition, and worship your skin’s sensitive areas with gentle, natural cleansers and the tender touch of a tissue, washcloth, or fingertips.

– 1 tube = 150 wipes.

– pH-balanced.

– Safety tested on actual vulvas by gynecologists.

– Approved by gynecologists & dermatologists.