Our Purpose

Kosher Sex is here to fix what its sexual predecessor got wrong.

The Sexual Revolution sought to relax romantic relationships.

Kosher Sex is going to electrify them.

Monogamy, until now, has been seen as a gateway to monotony; faithfulness, the precursor to predictability. Ours is a generation that has lost hope in deep connection, and is marked by record loneliness. Truly intimate experiences are a rarity and our relationships lack excitement.

Kosher Sex is all about igniting a passionate connection between committed lovers. Its setting is a love formed from a unique elixir of fire and water: the flames of erotic attraction and the refreshing liquid of intimate connection.

Kosher Sex will revive your relationship with amorous guides and titillating insights from the world’s leading experts, along with exceptional products uniquely designed to enhance passion and send your sex-life through the stratosphere.

It will give you courses and videos that will instruct, inspire, and strengthen every aspect of your romantic life.

To all the lovers out there: May All Your Sex Be Kosher Sex.


Chana was born in Oxford, England and now divides her time between New York and Tel Aviv. She has a B.A. in Political Science and History.