The Role of Sex in Marriage

What is the role of sex in a marriage? Does a happy marriage mean you'll have good sex or does a good sex life lead to a happy marriage?

Do you need a man?

Once, a woman was reliant on her husband to provide a life and security for her. Today, it's a very different story.

Coital Conversation

Communication is key, so why are so many of us ashamed to tell our partner how we feel or what we like. This course will advise on how to break the sexual ice and master those dreaded conversations.


Thanks to new design and technology, vibrators are discreet, well-crafted, and hit all the right spots. Let's talk about vibrators.

Wives Who Put On Weight

Men cite loss of attraction as one of the main factors in the breakdown of a marriage. Let's see what's really behind your woman "letting herself go."

Why People Cheat

Affairs don't even shock us anymore. They've become so commonplace, we almost expect them. But why do people cheat? Is the reasoning the same for men and women?

Welcome To The Family

Family drama always adds a little fun to the mix, especially when it revolves around your relationship. When does it matter and can it be resolved?


Masturbation is usually served with a side of guilt. How did masturbation get such a bad rep and what's the role of a menage a' moi once you're in a relationship?

The Ouch Factor

This course will address the origins and causes of discomfort or pain during sex. Because "a little coitus should never hoit us."

Surviving an Affair

Life after the Lies: Is the discovery that your spouse has cheated really the end?

Does Size Matter

Relax, it doesn't. And even if it does, you can always just buy a sports car.

Manning Your Woman

Should husbands be keeping a watchful eye on their wives or can the distrust disrupt the relationship? Can a healthy dose of jealousy be a good thing?

Sex: Men vs. Women

Does sex determine your sex? How men and women differ when it comes to lovemaking and the key to connecting from such different planes.

Turn The Lights Down Low

Learn why sex in the dark is the way to go. Erotic love is not based solely on sight and with that prime sense diminished, allow all other senses to surface.

Sex Toys for Men

The sex toy industry has improved countless sex lives. But sometimes they can be counter-productive. Here's when to invite men's toys into the bedroom.

Sex After Kids

Sex after having children can be tricky. Here's some advice on how to make time for you and your partner and still have your ideal sex life.

Pushing Sexual Boundaries

What are the boundaries when it comes to sex? Here's when you should give in a little and when you should stand your ground.

Parents as Lovers

Becoming parents can often be a hindrance to being spontaneous, passionate lovers. Here's how to keep it sexy under the strain of being parents.

Nightmare Scenario

There's that dreaded moment in every long-term relationship. This is the Nightmare Scenario.

More Porn, More Problems

Today's Threesome: You, your partner, and porn. What you don't realize about porn and it's corrosive effect on your sex life and relationship.

Running on Empty

A low sex drive is one of the most common ailments of relationships today. Whatever the reason, mental stress, work obligations, or simply being accustomed to your long term partner, know that there is a solution.

Mindfulness In A Relationship

Learn how to disconnect during sex and actually focus on the one you're with. Presence makes the heart grow fonder.

Is Monogamy Obsolete?

Are we designed to be monogamous? Or are we simply suppressing a natural, animal instinct to date and mate with numerous lovers?

Make Up Sex

Everyone loves make-up sex. It's fiery and passionate and a great way to get past an argument. What makes it so good and is it a healthy way to make peace?

Language of Love

The terminology of relationships has become stale. Romance is dying and with it, the wording we employ to describe our intimate connections. Here's the remedy.

What is Kosher Sex?

Kosher Sex integrates ancient Jewish wisdom into your sex life, making it deeper, more meaningful and more powerful than ever. Who says dirty can't be holy?

Policing Your Man

When keeping an eye on your man becomes a full time job. How to address your suspicions, without using tracking devices and hacking into his phone.

Is Marriage Outdated

With divorce rates at a record high, the institution of marriage has taken a major blow. Have we really outgrown marriage?


There is a common belief that men have a voracious sexual appetite while women prefer the emotional aspects of a relationship. Here's the truth.

Get To Know The Big O

Knowledge is power, so get informed about the orgasm. Where they come from and how to have them. Because the more you know, the more you "O".

Fifty Shades

Fifty Shades of Grey brought violent sex to a mainstream audience. But why are we so obsessed with female sexual submission in an age of feminine empowerment?

Eyes Open Sex

Why close your eyes when it's the best time to connect? Learn the psychology behind it and how to be okay with being exposed to your lover.

Exercising Your Erotic Brain

It's time to give some extra attention to your most important erotic organ...the BRAIN! Because arousal starts in the mind.