Black Obsidian Plug by Chakrubs


The Obsidian Root is made from pure black obsidian. Intended for anal explorations, the Obsidian Root connects with the root chakra, helping us tap into our primal, sensual, and creative urges. The anus contains a complex web of muscles and sensitive nerve endings with high energetic potential. Stimulating this area with intimate, sensual massage can lead to a deeply expansive, recalibrating experience. A useful tool for remaining grounded during shadow work, the Obsidian Root can take you deep into the subconscious mind, allowing you to access blocked energy in order to release.

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– 100% Natural Black Obsidian Crystal.

– Black Obsidian is a protective, grounding, deeply healing stone that forms from the rapid cooling of felsic lava.

– Weight: 4 oz.

– Measured Flat: 3” long and 1.5” wide.

– Circumference: 4.5”.