Have Sex In The Dark

The ancient Rabbis strongly advocated that sex take place in the dark. This is not to say that sex in the morning or afternoon isn’t great. On the contrary, couples must have spontaneity and mix things up and at times  the body. But the principle time is in the dark of the night, illuminated by the moon.

In Judaism, sex transcends the body. If sex were only an act of the body, then daytime would be ideal, when our bodies are least tired. But in Judaism, sex synthesizes the body and soul.

Chassidic thought explains that contrary to what we might think, God is actually found in the dark, because the dark is infinite. Light is associated with natural order and logic which is limiting because it gives shape and definition to things. Think about it- when you turn on the light in a room, you can suddenly see its shape and parameters. In the dark, for all you know the room could be the size of a football field. The dark blurs the edges of the tangible and allows for imagination to run wild and the senses to take over.

Bodies, sounds, touch and taste are all elevated and uninhibited, defying their physical constraints and definitions.

The visual is important during sex, but the dark allows you and your partner to see with the “eye of the mind”, shifting the focus from how the body looks to how it moves and feels.

Also, in the dark, there is a certain calm.

The stresses of the day have passed and everything settles, allowing two people to truly let go and experience one another. The dark of the night brings infinite erotic possibility, replacing logic and order with mystery and wild instinct.

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